Discount For Deactivated Customers

It is often cheaper to bring an old customer back to make a repeat purchase than acquiring new customers. Email customer with an unbeatable offer to bring them back into the fold.

Knowledge Base Community

Implement a knowledge base Community where your customers can check out tutorials, FAQ and ask other users for help and advice. This reduces customer support question and encourages a community among users.

Onboarding Tutorial

For SAAS products the onboarding process is essential to increase retention. Create an onboarding process that incentives user to complete it and guides the user through each of the core features.

Lead Gen Landing Pages

Without leads, you’ll never generation customers. Ensure users have a quick and easy way to leave their details on landing pages and ensure it is followed up immediately by automating responses.

Lead Generation With Chatbots

Lead Generation chats bots can convert visitor 4x higher than other methods as people prefer conversations. Automatical identify prospects and ask relevant questions, qualify leads and book product demos at scale.

A/B Test on Landing Pages

A/B Test the value proposition of your landing page to convert more visitors.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

The most effective landing pages have a single conversion goal! This could be a free sign-up, free content, register to attend an event. Whats ever it is, make sure it is simple and easy to complete.

Live Chat

Ensure that every person who visits your site and wants to buy your product is able to do so by keeping a person on hand to answer questions and help confused customers.