Snapchat Story Ads

Story Ads let you reach Snapchatters with a branded tile in Snapchat’s Discover section. The tile opens up to a collection of 3 – 20 images or videos.

Snapchat Product Ads

Product Ads are shoppable ad formats that showcase the products, services, or experiences you sell online.

Tiktok & Snapchat Branded Lens

Lenses are unique overlays that can be applied using the user phone camera. Users can interact with the brand lens and play with it by using their filter.

Tiktok Hastag Challenges

A hashtag challenge is where a brand asks Tiktokers to perform a certain task and tag them using a specific hashtag. Combined with Tiktok Influencer to promote the challenge can provide a powerful awareness campaign.

Tiktok In-Feed Videos

15-second video spots that organically appear while users explore posted content. The in-feed advertising can be used to gain exposure and also call users to action.

Tiktok Brand Takeover

Be the first video a Tiktoker see’s when they open their app. A brand takeover can either be a three-to-five second GIF or even a three-second image or video.

Quora Promote an Answer

Quora was initially started to share questions and answers. Thus, the “Promote an Answer” strategy is one of the best ad types on the platform. You can promote any of your answers to a targeted audience.

Twitter Tweet To Unlock

Drive engagement and conversation with Tweet to Unlock. It allows viewers to tweet to unlock exclusive content.

Twitter Conversion Card

Drive engagement and conversation with embedded call-to-action Tweet buttons with customizable hashtags that prompt users to Tweet about your brand to all their followers.

Twitter Direct Message Card

Twitters direct message cards add up to four buttons that users can select to start a private conversation. Use to ask for feedback about a new feature, design or connect it to your live chat to assist customer service queries.