Influencer Marketing

Find the right influencers across, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc and create a partnership to get endorsement and drive your message to the influencers followers.

Quora Promote an Answer

Quora was initially started to share questions and answers. Thus, the “Promote an Answer” strategy is one of the best ad types on the platform. You can promote any of your answers to a targeted audience.

Twitter Tweet To Unlock

Drive engagement and conversation with Tweet to Unlock. It allows viewers to tweet to unlock exclusive content.

Twitter Conversion Card

Drive engagement and conversation with embedded call-to-action Tweet buttons with customizable hashtags that prompt users to Tweet about your brand to all their followers.

Twitter Direct Message Card

Twitters direct message cards add up to four buttons that users can select to start a private conversation. Use to ask for feedback about a new feature, design or connect it to your live chat to assist customer service queries.

Best Customers Email

Make the customer feel special and increase your Net-Promoter-Score by sending emails to acknowledge and reward your best customers.

Discount For Deactivated Customers

It is often cheaper to bring an old customer back to make a repeat purchase than acquiring new customers. Email customer with an unbeatable offer to bring them back into the fold.

Knowledge Base Community

Implement a knowledge base Community where your customers can check out tutorials, FAQ and ask other users for help and advice. This reduces customer support question and encourages a community among users.

Onboarding Tutorial

For SAAS products the onboarding process is essential to increase retention. Create an onboarding process that incentives user to complete it and guides the user through each of the core features.

What’s New & Trendy Emails

Keep your customer in the loop by telling your users what’s new and trending on your platform. This helps engage users that have propped off.