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Case Study

Mediareach was approached by SFI Health to come up with a digital strategy to promote the Equazen Health Supplement by promoting their Amazon store. This campaign was to focus around Prime Day and Black Friday.

The challenge was to bring the maximum amount of awareness within the UK Target Demographic of Mothers with young children of Equazen and drive traffic to their Amazon page. We focused on Youtube ads given the advanced targeting capabilities.

The Youtube campaign lasted for nearly 2 months and delivered very strong results. The strongest facet of Youtube ads is placing hyper targeted ads in front of the relevant audience at the right time. We were able to layer different targeting option to accurately target UK based mothers aged 25-44, who were actively browsing and buying items for young children at that time based on historical youtube searches.

The results far exceed expectations in delivering 357,454 engagements with the ads, which meant many mothers watched the Equazen video past the 10 second mark or clicked on the ad in some way. This resulted in substantial awareness and a burst in indirect and direct traffic to the Equazen Amazon page resulting in their best ever sales rate on Amazon.


The campaign delivered well over a million impressions and drove strong brand uplift for its DTC outlet on Amazon which helped lift sales despite the lockdown’s negative impact on their retail and pharmaceutical partner sales.

Although the main KPIs of the campaign where awareness and brand uplift, we were able to also drive 5,700 direct clicks to the Amazon page from Youtube at a CPC of £2.45 and a CPV of £0.22.

The campaign targeted a variety of Youtube Channels, but a few of the top channels and placements included WhatsUpMums, Love Parenting, Mumsnet and Emily Norris.

1,047,449 Impressions
5,712 Total Clicks
0.55% CTR
£2.45 Per Click

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